Habit 2.1.18 released

We've rolled a few bug fixes (many thanks to those of you who have reported bugs!) into this updated version. Download the update and install over your existing version of Habit. All your current settings will be preserved.

Changes from version 2.1.16

  • Display and results now number trials starting at trial 1 (not trial 0..... long story, ask a programmer;). This is true for the results widget that is shown immediately on completing an experimental run, the output CSV file, as well as in the live experiment status widget (if you have chosen to display current experiment phase/trial in "Control Panel Display Options").
  • Add option "Display Current Looking Direction" in "Control Panel Display Options". When checked, the current looking direction (e.g. "LookCenter") will be displayed in the Control Panel while your experiment is running.
  • The stimulus previewer now handles stimulus orders. Forward/reverse navigation buttons are available, as well as a "stop" button.
  • Stimuli for single-screen experiments are not pre-loaded and cached. Previously, large stimuli could use up all available memory and cause a crash. For single-screen experiments, it is not necessary to cache stimuli. In two-screen experiments, however, the stimuli are cached to minimize the time difference in the onset of the two stimuli. In such experiments, large stimuli can cause a crash if all available memory is taken up.
  • In experiments that use attention getters, if the experimenter makes a fast transition from the "Attention"(Enter) key and a "Looking"(4,5,6) key, Habit will correctly respond to the key transition and looking will be recorded. Previously, the start of the looking period would be missed entirely.
  • Global preferences now has a checkbox to use the default stimulus root folder for the workspace. For each workspace the default stimulus root folder is the stim/ folder in the workspace. This is a convenience for cases where you group a set of similar experiments (which all use the same set of stimuli) in a single workspace. Simply check the default stim root folder checkbox in the preferences dialog and you're set!