Habit 2.1.21 released

 A new version of Habit is available, with some small fixes and some larger changes. Many of the changes are in response to comments and/or suggestions from users who have downloaded Habit and are using it - THANK YOU!
   You can download the latest version and install over your current version. All your settings will be preserved.

Bug Fixes and Changes in Habit 2.1.21

  • What happened to version 2.1.20? Nothing - I created that version and discovered a minor issue after creating it. I made the fix and created a new version. But let me remind you that you can always update Habit2 regardless of missing version numbers.
  • Main dialog appearance. The main dialog has been changed slightly. The title includes the version of Habit2, and the status bar (the gray panel at the bottom left of the dialog) shows the current workspace folder:


  • Intertrial interval. We've rearranged the settings for what we call the "Attention Getter". First, some background. In Habit2, a "trial" consists of an (optional) "Attention Getter" followed by a stimulus. Each trial, in all configured phases, will use the same "Attention Getter" sequence. We've generalized this to call it the "Intertrial Interval", and split the settings into two parts. One part is the "Intertrial stimulus". This stimulus can be any image, movie, or sound - same rules as for any stimulus. You may also select "Bkgd only", which will give a blank screen cleared to the background color you've selected. The second part of the Intertrial Interval settings page allow you to select one of three options:
    1. Use Intertrial Stimulus as an attention getter. This tells Habit2 to use the configured stimulus as an attention getter, and each trial will pause (displaying the intertrial stimulus) until the experimenter indicates attention by pressing <Enter> or <Space>. This is the same behavior as in previous version of Habit.
    2. Display intertrial stimulus for a fixed period. The configured intertrial stimulus will be displayed, but for a fixed time. The experimenter need NOT indicate attention, the trial will proceed after the time entered. In the screenshot below, I've configured this to be 5s (5000ms).
    3. No intertrial interval. This tells Habit2 to use no intertrial stimulus. Each trial stimulus is followed IMMEDIATELY by the stimulus for the subsequent trial. This is equivalent to having had "Use Attention Stimulus" un-checked in previous versions of Habit2.