Habit 2.2.3 released

   I've released a new version of Habit for Mac and Windows: version 2.2.3. This version is a drop-in replacement for Habit 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 (2.2.1 users may upgrade directly to 2.2.3). Your existing settings (from 2.2.x) are preserved and will continue to work with this newer version. 
   There are some bug fixes in this release, outlined below. I appreciate the bug reports I've received and have tried to address them all - the results of that work is reflected in this release. Thank you, Habit users!  Please don't hesitate to contact us with bug reports, feature requests, and general questions. 

What's new in this version?

  • Fixed inconsistencies in settings for Intertrial Interval. The experiment editor had allowed situations where an experiment required an attention getter stimulus, but where none (neither a file stimulus or background color only) was actually specified. This would cause the experiment to hang on startup. Also, when a fixed time interval was chosen there was no option to select the stimulus, and that could lead to the same situation - where Habit attempted to play/display an interval trial stimulus but none was configured. 
  • CSV output files now correctly includes the order chosen for stimuli in each phase, and indicates what, if any, randomization type was chosen. Note: The CSV output files for experiments run previously can be regenerated by viewing the results file (*.hab) in the Results Viewer and clicking "Export CSV". 
  • The experiment summary page now displays the subject ID (this is restricted to be an integer ID number), observer (text), and comments. As with the CSV output above, the experiment summary page can be re-generated by viewing the results file (*.hab) in the Results Viewer. 

Note to users of older versions of MacOS

A lab here at UCD runs Habit on an older version of MacOS (10.10, "Yosemite"). When starting an experiment on this machine, the "Control Panel" dialog would take over the entire screen, and could not be reduced in size. After the experiment was ended, a black screen remained (requiring the user to switch apps using AppleKey-TAB) to return to the main Habit window. This is due to a slight difference in screen management at the OS level, but I found a workaround and the problem is fixed in this update. 
   Obviously, an OS upgrade would likely fix the problem, but I'd stop short of recommending upgrading your OS for Habit, because this workaround takes care of this problem. If you continue to use an older version of macOS and if you encounter any problems with Habit, please let me know!

Windows Users?

   I'm waiting to hear from Windows users about their experiences. I'm going to assume that "no news is good news", but given the number of downloads, I expect that users will find bugs or errors (assuming they exist) in the Windows version.

What's next?

   Some developments in the pipeline, based on feedback from users:

  • Providing signals to external systems (like eye trackers or video capture devices) to synchronize those systems with stimulus presentation in Habit.
  • Multiple attention-getter stimuli in a single experiment
  • Using a single, large, screen to display dual-stimuli experiments 

   Do you have a feature request, or would you like to up-vote any of these developments? Contact us, and let us know!