Habit 2.2.4 released

   I've just released an update to Habit, available for both Mac and Windows. This version is a drop-in replacement of existing installations of Habit. (*) 

   Key changes to Habit in this version:

  • Three stimuli! See below...
  • Habituation by total looking time is now fixed for all cases. An earlier fix neglected to fix all possible cases. I apologize if you've been caught up by this bug. When you specify a phase to use habituation by total looking time, then the phase will end when that amount of looking has been reached, or when the maximum number of trials has been completed. 
  • Hitting ESC while viewing the results for an experiment caused Habit to crash! This has been fixed. 

(*) For users with ongoing studies in Habit version 2.1.26 and less: please continue your data collection with that version until studies are complete. You can install the latest version (2.2.4) alongside your existing 2.1.x installation. If you do, however, be aware that version 2.2.x uses a different database for settings than the older 2.1.x versions - so changes made to experiment settings while running 2.2.x are not seen in 2.1.x, and vice-versa.

Three Stimuli?

   Several users have asked about having a third stimulus screen. This version of Habit allows experiments with one, two, or three stimuli. In the Experiment Editor, the "Stimulus Display" tab now looks like this:


Note that under "Stimuli Layout" there are three radio buttons - previously there were only two choices. When "Three Stimuli" is chosen, all stimuli (and attention getter, if used) will have three positions - left, center, right. In order to run such an experiment on multiple screens, you still must identify the screens in the Global Preferences dialog. In that dialog, the "Single Stimulus" monitor is used as the "Center" stimulus, and the two "Dual stimulus" monitors are the "Left" and "Right" stimuli, respectively.